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    What is myBaptistHealth?

    myBaptistHealth is a free service that provides secure, online access to your health information and medical health records. To access myBaptistHealth, you need access to the Internet, an email address and personal information to help identify yourself.

    myBaptistHealth lets you:

    Access your test results
    Manage your myBaptistHealth profile
    Pay your bill
    Set up family accounts
    Track health conditions, allergies and medications
    View your medical health records
    Access Patient Education
    Renew prescriptions
    *Prescription renewal through the myBaptistHealth patient portal is currently only offered to Baptist Health Medical Group AND Miami Cancer Institute patients. If you are not a patient of these areas, please contact your primary care physician or specialist for your prescription renewal requests.

    Enroll in myBaptistHealth

    Learn more about enrolling in the myBaptistHealth patient portal.

    Need technical support?

    If you did not provide an email and do not have your MR and would like to self-enroll, click here.